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I had the good fortune today to be given three prints from paintings of Australian paddlers. Our local stationary shop was infected with the Christmas spirit or perhaps it was just the fact that they had been unable to sell them even at a dollar each so he figured he might as well clear the decks. I guess there was not a huge demand for pictures of Australian paddlers am a rural NZ town. They are about A3 size and are signed "J Stevens, 86". The first is of the Pevensy moored beside a wharf that is way higher than the cabin with the Adelaide in the background. The next is of the Emmy Lou in motion and the third is of the Pride of Murray? in motion and with a horse buggy in the foreground on the bank. Purely conjecture but we wondered if the original paintings were illustrations for a book? The artist was/is pretty accomplished as the proportions and details are very well done. Can anybody tell me more about them? Thanks, Ian.

Harold H. Duncan:
Hi Ian,
how about posting a thumbnail pic of each. Would give us all an idea of what your wanting
ps Manuwai drawings soon, ok. sorry about the delay, out of my control.


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