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Hi PD's........a number of members will know of my [10 year] SLOW  :picknose completion skills with my 1/24 stand off scale PS Decoy.........however I have committed to make a 1/2 life conversion of the hull into a 1/12 stand off scale PS DeSchelde.......a mythical/mystical vessel from old achieve this a number of radical steps must be taken  :shoot

1. lower the hull deck by ~~~30 mm
2. remove the sponsons & relocate ~~~105 mm FWD & 30 mm lower than current position
3. Saito engine paddle shaft axis ~~~ 105 mm FWD & 30 mm lower than current position
4. total change of the boiler/engine/ ancillaries foot print with the boiler now AFT of the engine
5. major structural revisions to the hull planking above the waterline
6. the repositioning of components dictates that I will have many longer tube/pipe runs........but I can cope with that  :hammer

The principal reason for the vessel conversion is to have a fully open & viewable boiler & engine room.......... I could not cope  :41  :c002 with hiding the engine & boiler away below deck :sobbing

I have uploaded a few images of the revised  boiler/engine/ ancillaries foot print in the Photo gallery this morning.........naturally the components are just sitting on the engine & boiler plate above deck level....they will be lowered into the hull in due course

I just hope I don't get run over by a bus before I complete the task...... :nono

Following is an image of DeSchelde.......Derek  :beer

Harold H. Duncan:
Nice concept Derek.
Best of luck with the conversion, and hope to see plenty of photos here please.
An interesting concept, and should show off the engine and boiler nicely
well done

April 2018 - 4.8:1 Chain Reduction and major modification for the Saito Y2DR engine entablature to accept the chain pinion which is now on the paddle shaft axis....mock up with real components below....................

So De Schelde was not mythical or mystical ...just very little recorded history :shhh.................Derek

Why exactly do you need that chain reduction?
Your engine should be powerful enough without it. Besides, having the engine directly drive the paddlewheels would lower the rpm and thus the steam consumption.

Hullo you are well

The initial breakaway pressure and resistance to smoothly accelerate 890gm of paddle shaft including wheels, all on axis with the 4.00mm diameter SAITO output shaft ...from ZERO to say 50 RPM was beyond the ability of the drive

This [breakaway and massive over speed] occured both with warm engine or cold engine conditions

This has required the long & total hands up in the air :squareone of how to incorporate within the Y2DR engine frame or footprint to incorporate nominal 5:1 mechanical speed reduction to the final output paddle shaft speed .....this has hopefully been achieved with approximate 58% increase in paddle shaft from 4.00mm to 6.35mm  diameter....



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