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Author Topic: Arun Queen a rather unconventional (model) Murray River Steamer.  (Read 1739 times)

Captain Andy

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 ;DHave tried to upload text and photos etc several times wit no joy so maybe it's easier to point you in the direction of my blog as all my paddle steamer stuff is there. My interest in model boats was reawakened after building that fleet of footys last winter.
My (unfinished) boat is freelance ,I guess the nearest to it would be Adelaide or Cato and uses a motor from a wind screen washer off a  Soviet built car, half an electric screwdriver gearbox and a bevel drive form a hand drill! Also has twin rudders in the slip steam of the paddle wheels! Oh and the hull started out as a toy aircraft carrier. It's a little rough and ready but has been fun to make and has so far only cost me a few pots of paint, all need to buy now is a decent battery. 2 amps @ 12 volts should last longer than 5 minutes!
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Captain Andy

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Re: Arun Queen an unconventional Murray River Steamer!
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2011, 07:55:21 PM »
Have added photos, (for some reason they wouldn't upload from my Mac at home.) You might notice the lid / top deck wasn't fully shut on it's maiden voyage which was cut short owing to a leak behind a paddle wheel but it proved it works ok and steers pretty well too. Now I just need to get a new battery. I've added a few details since then and am generally trying to tidy it up a bit , better be careful I don't over do the weight and make it unstable! Note the  kegs on the fore deck! :beer
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Offline Roderick Smith

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Re: Arun Queen an unconventional Murray River Steamer!
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2011, 08:31:12 AM »
Is the lack of convention referring to your construction methods and materials, or to the hull form (an aircraft carrier, rethought in a different scale)?
The superstructure is distinctively Australian, but the hull form reveals its ancestry.
The Australian design was influenced by the rivers in which the boats worked: snagged and winding, varying from fierce current in flood to strong current when shallow, to times with no water at all.  Hence:
* Side paddles (more manoeuvrable), and towing barges rather than propelling.
* flat hull to maximise the use of shallow water, and to sit on mud off season.
* V prow from an upright stem post.  I don't know all of the reasons, but I deduce that it was either for water flow around the hull, or to deflect floating logs, or for regular ramming into banks to assist with turning in tight spaces (using the current to bring the stern around).
* V stern to allow the water flow from the paddles to reach the rudder.
* long but shallow rudders (and hence needing big steering wheels to provide the leverage).
Australian sternwheelers weren't common; IIRC they had twin rudders between the hull and the wheel (I have photos of Captain Sturt placed in a Paddleducks post).
I haven't seen side rudders: I suspect that they would have required more swing than the space allowed.

Only the day before the post with this unconventional model, I grabbed a photo which flashed by on the opening screen: a model of PS Eva.  It looked perfectly Australian, but for the square stern.  However, that is certainly the design of the original (Parsons 'Ships of the inland rivers' p72).  The upward taper must have been intended to provide the water flow.  If you go to Michael's lengthy thread on rebuilding Sundowner as Struggler, his first move was to taper the stern inwards.

I have now searched: there seems to be no item posted on this model.  It must have been by a member.  Perhaps a history of this model could be posted to the relevant section?

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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Captain Andy

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Re: Arun Queen an unconventional Murray River Steamer!
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2011, 08:45:12 PM »
Yes it''s only very loosely based on the Murray type boat, I only found out about them whilst searching for paddle Steamers on the internet and am fascinated!  But I feel there is so much variation between the paddlers on the Murray I think it could look quite at home there. I only added the doors bcz I had them. I admit my twin rudder idea would  be far too fragile to work on a full sized boat as there is no support for the bottom of the post and the first time it run aground they'd be ripped off! But it's something I wanted to try and it seem to work well. The aircraft carrier hull was just something i had in my junk and is not ideal but this isn't supposed to be a  historical scale model just a bit of fun and it was FREE! The bow kind of works bcz one of the reasons i built a powered boat at all is so it can act as a rescue vessel for wayward Footy yachts stuck in the reeds or simply stuck bcz the wind has dropped, so it will be often used as a pusher tug and with this in mind I've made it a bow fender from toy tractor tyres. Btw I have just made it some hand railings for the top deck.
Thanks for replying Roderick, I'll post some photos of it on a pond soon!
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Captain Andy

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Re: Arun Queen a rather unconventional (model) Murray River Steamer.
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2011, 03:32:47 AM »
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