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Can anyone give me the latest on the preservation of the last surviving steam paddle tug in the UK.  I believe she lies at Rochester, having been moved from Chatham. as per photo.

JOHN H AMOS was built at Paisley for use on the river Tees, nearly 80 years ago.

Eddy Matthews:
Hi Sandy,

Sadly the Medway Maritime Trust's website hasn't been updated for over a year now :(

The last time I saw the John H Amos was about 18 months ago, and as far as I know there's been no progress since then - Or at least none that I've heard of.


The “Amos” lies by the St Marys Island, formally part of Chatham Dockyard, on a pontoon awaiting funding to restore her. The Medway Maritime Trust own her, as they do other vessels, their website is as under.
Len Knight MQPS.
PS:As Eddy has said little progress, sadly with the economic climate, funding of any kind will now be hard to come by. But I am sure Martin Stevens is not a man to give up, he has friends in influential places at least!

Thanks Len, and a very interesting web site


I found this series of pictures of the John H. Amos. According to my search in the "Search" option they have not yet been posted in this forum.

They show the ship on its actual position in Chatham. Actually I was able to locate her on Google Earth.
Lots of detail pictures of the (deteriorated) hull, the wheels and rudder.
WARNING: these pictures may cause depression.

The page is weird, on my PC sometimes it loads and sometimes I get a "no access" error message. Just try several times.



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