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Roderick Smith:
This boat started life as Amphibious, and had a very varied career.  It was featured in the film 'Gallipoli'.
The details have appeared in Paddleducks before: search on 'Akuna Amphibious', and read through the 12 items which the search finds.

As at 2007, it was for sale for AUD1m.  The price is now AUD495 000.

While you are there, the entry for the SA government river tug Nalta Yuki (mentioned in my report of PS Marion voyaging to Berri) is still showing:

Thank member Mike Smith for finding the entries.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Roderick Smith:
Here are three photos which I may well have posted in different threads before, but they are more findable here, and I will add a few hitherto unposted photos yet.

Post edit: the third scan is an old one, before I refined my file naming.  It was taken at Mannum (SA), during the Source to Sea fleet voyage.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Roderick Smith:
From about a month ago: the sale has been concluded, to a young Adelaide couple.  They intend to use it privately, but will have some public access.   The new owners intend to voyage to Renmark for the PS Industry centenary celebrations.  At that stage it was on Dick Bromhead's slip at Mannum.  Now that it is no longer associated with Akuna Homestead, it has reverted to the earlier name, and is simply PV Amphibious.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Roderick Smith:
Amphibious has attended many rallies since my most-recent post, and has voyaged from Goolwa to Tocumwal (where it can't fit under the modern road bridge).
It is now based at Echuca.
It sank at its mooring a few days ago.
The owner hopes to retrieve it promptly, before too much is lost/damaged.

Updating with the detail:
11 May 2020 A piece of history has sunk in the Murray River, with the Paddle Vessel Amphibious mysteriously springing a leak at Echuca over the weekend.
Key points:
Paddle Vessel Amphibious has sunk for the second time
The boat featured in the 1981 film Gallipoli directed by Peter Weir
It is the second oldest wooden boat in Australia with a rich history of around 144 years
The vessel arrived in Echuca last year after 143 years of exploring.
The boat was purchased by current owner Tim Mills in 2016, after which he began a trip up the Murray.
Arriving at Tocumwal, Mr Mills found PV Amphibious was too big to pass the bridge and so he docked in Echuca where the boat has stayed ever since.
Built by Britannia Ironworks in Melbourne 144 years ago, it is currently the second oldest wooden boat in Australia.
Heather Rendell from the Echuca Historical Society said it has had a lot of modification over the years.
"I don't think anyone who knew it in the 1870's would recognise it today," Ms Rendell said.
'Not the first time she's sunk'
The vessel is no stranger to hardship.
It was rebuilt as a showboat with a full-length deckhouse and operated excursions on the Port River in Adelaide until 1971.
Just a few years later, in 1978, it sank at Port Adelaide.
cream and brown paddle boat on river
The PV Amphibious is the second oldest wooden boat in Australia(Supplied)
After being recovered and restored it was brought back to the Murray River and then began its journey to fame.
First starring in the 1981 film Gallipoli, and then later featuring in the miniseries The River Kings.
"After Gallipoli it became privately owned again and the owner has put an awful lot of time effort and care into it," Ms Rendell said.
"I think the owner intended to live on it and make it a private home."
In 2015 it was crowned the Best Paddle Boat at the Wooden Boat Festival at Goolwa.
Mr Mills is believed to be in Adelaide at the moment and is shocked by the news of the vessel sinking.
Police said an investigation is underway into the cause.



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