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Author Topic: Welcome Duchess of Fife - and Steve  (Read 1843 times)


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Welcome Duchess of Fife - and Steve
« on: June 13, 2005, 06:28:34 AM »
I'd like to welcome Steve (Clay)..who I'm pretty sure is in the U.K.

His interest is the Clyde Paddle steamer "PS Duchess of Fife"

Here's a snip from an email he sent me:

>I am scratch building a model of this paddler, or at least am
>intending to. My reseach is just about at an end and I am at the
>stage of planning the best way to construct the hull.
> This is my first attempt as such although I have built models from
>kits in the past.

Steve..if you want to see an impressive model of a Clyde paddler
check out this photo taken in Nanaimo BC, Canada a week ago of the

click here
and look for "PS JEANNIE DEANS"

David (P) in our group is just finishing his model based on
"TALISMAN" the LNWR Clyde Steamer and we have another member in
Victoria who has built a large model of "Waverley" and,I believe,the
only surviving Clyde Paddler.

They're great looking ships both in and out of the water. We'll
be following your progress so keep us updated and never hesitate to
ask even the most basic questions here.

Perhaps you can provide us with a little more info on your ideas for
scale and will this be a static or operating model? If so, power
plant, drive, control system etc. (fully functioning feathering

**Who wants to take me on over feathering paddles???**

Then I can complete the record on our "ON THE SLIPWAY" database. check
it out at

Again, Welcome on behalf of us all

Paul J
Victoria, BC Canada


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