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Author Topic: Welcome new members  (Read 1775 times)


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Welcome new members
« on: June 13, 2005, 05:03:01 AM »
A HUGE WELCOME, Dick..and all of you who have just joined Paddleducks this are INDEED all FOUNDER Members of this Group...I suppose I had
better start making up commemmorative Wall Plaques or something!!).

The idea for this group came because I could find NO Resource on the
internet for modeling paddlewheelers (LOTS OF PROTOTYPE reference)..and
because the three Paddlewheeler modellers in our Club in Victoria are really
neat guys (David Powell is a Paddleduck!!)and they understand the peculiar
challenges faced in building these vessels (stern and sidewheelers). We've
all made the mistakes and can maybe assist others in avoiding them. It also
came about through linking with a couple of great people, TREVOR (Bodiam)in
the UK who is also building a "Director" Class Naval SideWheel Tug as I am
(and equally fascinated with dual engine control systems)...and ALVANIR (In
Rio, Brazil) who is a Master Model builder and researching a famous
Brazilian Paddle Frigate, the "Amazonas" for a model to be built.

Amazingly, proportional to other ships, Paddlewheeler modelers are so
scarce, and yet these fabulous ships existed in EVERY country of the world
in so many Maritime and Naval services for over a hundred years!! After all
is said and done, almost NOTHING beats a well trimmed paddler on the
water...model or otherwise..they are such crowd pleasers...and fun to
operate. STEERING COURSES with a dual engine side wheeler are a BREEZE..I
almost guarantee you a first place no matter how much everyone laughs when
you put the boat at the Starting line!!!

I have waited until the group got a little larger (we don't advertise..but
people seem to find us) before asking you to put in your profiles and
interests.. I really don't want to flood your email inboxes with too much
stuff... BUT I'd like to see intro's along the lines of JUST JOINED Dick
(Traut) in South Africa which links us all on a much more informal basis
(Dick..can't wait for you to get to Victoria and have some fun "on the pond"
with us...BY THE WAY Dick hasn't mentioned he wants to build a Sternwheeler
Kit..go to the new Bosun's locker Bookmarks, Dick..W'eve put up some stuff
there and will keep adding to it.

So little by little I'll help you along with the intros..BELIEVE ME..there
are some VERY NEAT people on here...just a little SHY!!!
But then PADDLEWHEELER modelers ARE different!!!

Speak soon....again WELCOME ALL..if you need any help or having difficulty
running this thing caLL ME, although Yahoo has improved MARGINALLY in the
past week)

Paul in Victoria BC Canada


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