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Author Topic: Best adhesive  (Read 1941 times)


  • Guest
Best adhesive
« on: June 13, 2005, 05:01:37 AM »
Hi Gents,
I'am the new kid on the block.Not a new modeller, been at it for
over 50 years and still learning.Will be working on an enlarged
version of the W.H. Bancroft,sternwheel western river packet.But
first have to design and then make a suitable steam power
plant.Anyway my question is.What is a good waterproof glue to use?
Thanks Rich


  • Guest
Best adhesive
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2005, 05:02:05 AM »
A Big Welcome, Rich..

At're in good company here!!!..and believe me I AM always learning
too...the "WH Bancroft Project" with a custom made STEAM Engine(s) sounds
wonderful..we'll follow your progress all the way, and there won't be any
shortage of encouragement from here!

Let me know if I can help with any research!!

Waterproof Glues?? Enormous subject....I'll wait for the rest of the group
to respond..cos I KNOW MOST OF THEM HAVE THE ANSWER!!!..doncha Guys!!!!

In any case I too, am fascinated to find out if there's a new SPACE AGE
Waterproof adhesive beyond what I use....

Now..if anyone wants to talk FILLERS, I have a BEAUT!!!

Again. Welcome, Rich ( can you just slip in your City and Country?)

Victoria BC Canada


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