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Roderick Smith:
There are five pages of references, some of which are relevant.  Certainly, items on this vessel have appeared in other threads (notably the APAM megacollection), and there are photos around already.  AFAIK it has never had its own thread, but the time has come.
As mentioned long ago, PS Industry turns 100 in 2011, and the dates have now been set.
Fri.1 to Sun.3.4.11, at Renmark, 2 weeks prior to Easter.

The Mildura private owners are planning a fleet voyage, with the potential to reach 20 paddleboats.
There is no hint yet of PS Ruby being a possible participant.
March is not usually a good season for river flow, and there are some shallow reaches.
This is about the loneliest section of the river, real time-warp territory.
I have cruised the section with Jessie II.  According to my time availability, I will join the fleet at Wentworth for the whole run, or launch at Border Cliffs and head upriver to meet the fleet at lock 7.

There is unlikely to be a commercial vessel in the fleet for international visitors, and no hirer will let you take a boat the whole way.  However, it would be possible to hire in Renmark, and come up to lock 7.

Joint celebrations for the other 2011 Centenarian are unlikely (PS Pevensey, at Echuca).


Roderick Smith:
On Sun.4.8.13, PS Industry made a voyage from Renmark to Berri for survey slipping.  Passengers travelled by river one way, then back by boat.  There was only one short reach where great care had to be taken to be in the channel to avoid being stuck on a sandbar.
The photos show:
* A famous local houseboat, operated by country & western singer 'Chookman'  (there's lots about him by googling).
* Passing under Paringa bridge, at one of the two set times for opening.
* Entering lock 5.
* The oven ready to bake morning scones.
* Passing Lyrup punt.
* Arriving at Berri, then mooring by the slip.
* Also the Berri the local cruise ferry, MV Missy.  Berri had two punts, so busy that a bridge was built to replace them.
* Back at Renmark, the dry dock for SWPV Murray Princess.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Roderick Smith:
Hot from ABC: PS Industry, river history, and a new generation of rivermen:
This is a 4 min tv version; a full length version will be out soon.

Here is the pessimistic one from ABC:
This one was made after PV Avoca sank (since raised).  It dwells on the perpetual theme of succession in technical hobbies: not enough young blood to carry on all the projects established by an older generation, in a political climate of increased regulation.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

Both links are unavailable Roderick.

Roderick Smith:
I am editing the PS Industry thread steadily.
I fixed the links for the recent documentary.
I am now bringing the Feb.11 Lyrup notes into a separate thread, and will get a photo soon.
The former Lyrup thread I am padding with photos to provide an idea of the Sun.4.8 Renmark - Berri voyage, positioning for survey slipping.

Lyrup was one of several settlements established as cooperatives to take city people during a time of depression.  Moorook was another.  They survived and prospered.  Today they are small communities, with major facilities in nearby river towns: Waikerie, Loxton, Barmera, Berri and Renmark.  Lyrup is upstream of Berri, and is the site of the highest-upstream SA punt.
Berri has local houseboat hire and a cruise ferry.  It had two punts, so busy that a bridge was built to replace them.

From Berri Visitor Information Centre:
PS Industry Cruises to and from Lyrup, 22 & 23.2. 14 PS Industry is cruising to Lyrup and back over this weekend to coincide with Lyrupís 120th Anniversary Celebrations.
SAT 22/2- Departs Renmark 8.30 arrives Lyrup 11.30 $55pp includes bus return to Renmark at 15.30.  Devonshire Tea Short Trips 22/2 $20 Depart from Lyrup foreshore 13.00 & 14.30 (1 h trips).
SUNDAY 23/2 Departs Lyrup foreshore 11.00 Arrives Renmark 15.00 Devonshire tea provided. BYO Lunch. $55 no return bus available.
Bookings can be also made from Berri (before 3pm 21/2) & Renmark Visitors Centres.
Entry Cost (AUD): $55 long trips $20 short trips Event Venue: Lyrup Foreshore
Facilities: Sheltered Area,  Shaded Area,  Public Toilet <>

I'll have more notes to add to this, describing how the day went.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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