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Author Topic: Paddlewheel modelling websites  (Read 2383 times)


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Paddlewheel modelling websites
« on: June 13, 2005, 02:33:57 AM »
Well, it's been a little quiet here these past few days... I've been
muted by a tooth problem, but I have to get over my fear of the
Dentist and so I'm getting it sorted out today. I had wanted to
introduce everyone on Paddleducks on the 15th, but that's OKAY, we can
do that during this week.

I also wanted to share some info about David's test tank run with
"Talisman" on Saturday...and that "ol' weight problem" which often
plagues early stages of testing!! Again..later

I have 3 nice Paddlewheel pictures from the huge Nanaimo (Vancouver
Island, BC Canada) Show last weekend which I'll post on the files
server this week

I'm working on a web site for Paddleducks, something more than the
current awful temporary page on ICQ which takes a week to load. I
have scoured the net and really cannot find a website devoted
exclusively to Paddle Wheel boat modelling. Joe comes the closest
with ToeBoat Joe's at

If you know of any Paddle Wheel boat MODELING sites then email the
group. I thought that might be the place but it
turned out to be a UK parts/kit supplier. Great domain name though.
I'd like to feature as much information as I can on Paddlewheeler
model building along with research help/resources as there's plenty of
reference out there on the net, just a question of organizing it into
something manageable. (For instance, over the weekend I was emailed
by two different people requesting modeling information on "Great

Here are some ideas for the Pages...feel free to add suggestions


Model Paddlewheeler construction (side and stern). Buoyancy, weight, C
of G, and stability issues. Wheel,blade (vein)design and construction.
Stern Wheeler propulsion/control systems. Crank /geared and pulley
drive systems. Wheel design and construction.
Side Wheeler propulsion/control systems and electro/mechanical control
Experimental/development workshop.

If you have ANY thoughts or ideas on this email the group.


Kits/ parts and suppliers of paddlewheel ship models.(listed by
Libraries/Museum archives for Paddlewheeler prototype research
INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH REGISTER. Requests for information (RFI) for
all those researching particular vessels
Links to Online resources.
Model Bibliography - Books/publications/articles on model Paddle
wheelers by Ship name/type
Modeling HELP DESK
Restored Paddlewheelers you can visit

Model Paddlewheelers by Category/Name of Vessel/Club (if applicable)
and Country.

Paddlewheeler models by index
Paddleducks member page

I have accumulated a some good Paddlewheel model photos from Clubs
around the world and I's like to showcase models built/owned or under
construction by PADDLEDUCKS Members. So SEND/POST on the FILES LIST
any photos of your vessels... and particularly current projects

Anyway ..if you have ANY BRIGHT IDEAS for the Web site so it ends up
as a truly useful resource for modelers, then let's hear from you.

More later

Paul J


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