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Author Topic: Joe's George M Verity  (Read 2118 times)


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Joe's George M Verity
« on: June 13, 2005, 02:26:11 AM »
Hey Joe!!

Great picture...that paddler gives me THA GOOSEBAMPS!!! A great looking
model. Of course, the next question is "Who built her? "..Is it someone you
know or , even better, could be it one of YOUR models? (Also may I have
permission to use the image on our temporary Paddleducks Website 'cos we
don't have a good SternWheeler picture up there). And if you know the boat
intimately, could you tell us a little about the propulsion/controls and the
SMOKE SYSTEM!!! (Course, she could be a genuine steamer!!!)

For the rest of you, a premature introduction in case you don't know who Joe
is, apart from being our resident expert in River Boats, Tow Boats (In
English we call em TUGS!!!)and stern paddlers. Joe has an impressive Web
site which is packed with info. He has made and sold many beautiful models
of Museum quality. It won't take you long to get to know this multi
talented and fun-loving guy when you visit him at "Toeboat Joe's"

So thanks again for the great pic, Joe...keep 'em coming..And everyone else
too. If you have a picture of a Paddlewheel model you've built, own, seen,
would like to build or a prototype picture of a paddler that merely
interests you..just SHOVE IT UP ON THE FILE SERVER so we can all share it.
We have lots of space available.

Now coming back to stern wheelers, I really want to get into learning more
about them, construction and drives/control systems etc. I wonder if any
club has ever staged a Stern Wheeler Race or steering course? As we saw at
our club last weekend, these models are not only
works of art to look at, but fascinating to watch on the water.

We in Canada have a fantastic heritage of SternWheelers and it surprises me
how few models we see of them. We'll see if we can change that. I'm
contacting the Nanaimo Club, our next door neighbours on Vancouver Island to
see if they have any sternwheeler/sidewheeler builders in their Club. My
ambition is to one day stage a Paddleboat Fest here in Victoria!!!

Okay, while I have you all thing is to address this ACCESS
PROBLEM we're having. Alvanir in Rio and David here in Victoria are having
some real probs getting the files and working the Yahoo Groups thing.

I'd like to get this straightened out before March 15th, when we open up so
everybody is able to participate fully. I'll prepare an email on this later

Once again, Joe..thanks for the great photo. Anyone who is NOT ABLE to
click on the URL hyperlink of this photo upload which I pasted below again,
please LET US KNOW with a quick message to the group. We'll get it figured
out. If you are having difficulty posting a photo file on the server ..sing
out too!!

Here's Joe's photo file upload URL again

Have a great day, wherever you are.

Paul J
Paddleducks Moderator


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