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I found this interesting view of the 1st "Lord of the Isles", whilst tidying at work. Saved from the skip  ;D . Off Dunoon with Cloch Lighthouse behind.

Thats a superb photo.
Make a nice model.... another one to the list  :hehe

A short history....

The photo is quite badly damaged...managed to crop out the worst of it though!

I know what you mean about a list, Kim, mine is scary  ;D


--- Quote from: Jack on October 11, 2009, 07:37:58 AM ---A short history....

--- End quote ---

Thanks Jack, thats actually the 2nd "Lord", beautiful ship also. the 1st was built in 1877 I think, & moved from the Clyde to the Thames. (re-named Jupiter & Lady of the Isles at various points if my memory is correct!) Think she was fitted with telescopic funnels on the Thames. Will see if I can find out any more about her.
Im sure my pic is the 1st Lord...I can be corrected though!!!



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