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PV Murray River Queen


Roderick Smith:
This is a 1970s vessel, built in an Australian vernacular.
I have photos of it cruising at Mildura.
It then spent years at Goolwa as a static b&b.
It was relocated to Waikerie as a b&b, with some cruising (mainly lunch/dinner).  The cruising program was expanded.

See, page 5
with one photo.
This is PV Murray River Queen, based at Waikerie (South Australia).
It has a restaurant, bar and cafe.
Since placing that post, I have sprinkled a few other exterior photos in other posts.
The boat now has a website:
It has several photos of the interiorior of the dining room and of the cafe/bar.

In August, it was advertised for sale.  I enclose a pdf of the newspaper advertisement, forwarded to me by member Mike Smith.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editora

Roderick Smith:
PV Murray River Queen has been unable to cruise for a few years now.  It has been used as a fruitpicker dormitory.  There has been talk for a few years of relocating it to Renmark, which is where the pickers are working.  That is happening.  PS Oscar W is voyaging from Goolwa to undertake the tow.  It had reached Bowhill for Tues.8.8 overnight.



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