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This guy on eBay has some great postcards some of which i have never seen before - great pic of the Caledonia in her war guise at Dumbarton listed just now - at he prices they go for its window shopping only for me :)

Eddy Matthews:
I agree, some great images, but with a starting price of 7 per postcard, I'm afraid he can keep them!


I have been a member of the Clyde River Steamer Club for nearly 40 years, and they have a very comprehensive collection of steamer photographs.
They offer a selection of a couple of dozen photos to members about twice a year and you certainly don't have to pay that sort of money for a postcard, plus two magazines come out yearly with your subscription of 17.
They cover turbines, car ferries, and of course paddle steamers.             Sandy

The Clyde River Steamer Club has a large number of postcard size photos for sale at its winter meetinge, held in Jury's Hotel in Glasgow on he second Wednesday of every month from Ocotber to April


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