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Long build.. Talisman 1

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Now that i have a bit of space i will start on the building of Talisman 1.

My Dad started this project a long time ago and is long overdue some attention. So here goes....

First of all can i ask for some help, I'm very short on pics of the actual boat, she's an Old Lady but there must be pictures gathering dust in somebody's collection?

Ok, first thing i have turned my attention to is the Paddles. probably not the usual fist step but with out them shes going to be a bit sad looking. My dad had started building a set of paddles however I'm investigating having paddles manufactured and today i spent a few frustrating hours trying to figure out how to draw in corel draw. Results below.

Next thing is to get the hull on the bench and the plans copied take measurements, scratch head, measure again ..... You know how it goes.

Ok, a couple of pics to get us started and would really appreciate seeing an pics that you may have.

Eddy Matthews:
I'm delighted you've decided to document your build of the Talisman Kim, I'm sure it will be of great interest to all our members!

I did a quick search, but didn't come up with very much, except for a photo of her paddlebox which may help?


Eddy i have that photo allready but thanks for posting it.

Another question, Its only a thought at the moment so please don't shoot me down just yet :0

(Can't seem to locate the Talisman's plans at the moment, probably been lent to somebody so need to try and track them down)
I have plans for the Kenilworth And on the face of it (no measurements taken at the moment) she looks very similar and also much easier to get info for her.
Does anyone know if the Kenilworth might be a suitable alternative should the plans have gone astray?

Eddy Matthews:

I've just checked the dimensions of both ships, if it's the 1898 version of Kenilworth, it's exactly the same length as Talisman at 215 feet, and it's 2" wider in the beam - Talisman 23 feet, Kenilworth 23 feet 2 inches.

Hardly enough for anyone to notice!!


Great news thanks for that.
She's being built at 1/2 inch to the foot but even then i think a blind man passing in a bus won't notice the error :)


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