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Author Topic: Books on-line  (Read 1693 times)

Offline JOAT

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Books on-line
« on: January 18, 2009, 08:28:58 AM »
Hi all. 

     Can't give any specific titles at this time, just some good book sources.  I read, a lot.  So buying new books would keep me broke.  I do buy the occassional new book, but only when that's the only choice for me.  I do frequent new bookstores on occassion also, but usually only to check out books that I have ran across elsewhere and don't know the contents.  Far too often when I actually thumb thru one of these books the only info that interests me may be just one or two paragraphs.  One book I'd been searching for, not on boats, only had about two lines of interest to me.

     Used bookstores are a great source for out of print books, and even as new books, at greatly reduced prices.  I've got a number of boatbuilding books by Phil Bolger that I got one by one, years ago, in my favorite used bookstore.  Don't think I paid more then $7 US for any of them, and usually more like $5 US.  Apparently these are now in demand because I found that they're being listed at about $175 US for at least one, and several others are in the $75-85 US price range.  I'm not selling, so don't ask.

     But recently I found out that on-line is probably the best place to look for specific book titles.  One of the last time I visited my favorite used bookstore I found a woodworking book I would have liked to buy, but the price was higher than I thought was reasonable.  Checking on-line later, I found the same book listed and the price, including postage, was less than the bookstore wanted.  I bought on-line.

     I've got somewhere over 30 on-line bookseller links saved.  A lot of the searches overlap, but some don't.  I've used ever link at least once looking for a specific long-out of print, limited edition to boot, book.  Took me several weeks to find one book I wanted, but got a great price on it.  Another took me somewhere between 6 months to a year to find, and not only got a great price, wound up with TWO copies - I thought one seller had backed out, found another copy in the meantime and bought it, then was obligated to buy the other copy.  Ran me about $150 US for the two.  Then found out the book didn't have what I wanted.  Not a total loss tho, today found the same book was listed at $208 US on one site, and $248 US on another.  I'll be selling both copies, but I'll price them at about $100 each, plus postage. 

     If you want a book that's out of print, you're going to have to spend some time and effort.  You're on-line obviously, so make use of that.  Check on-line booksellers. 
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