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Model of the paddle steamer DIESSEN (Ammersee/Munich)

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between 1975 and 1978 i built this model when I had finished school. The impression of the horizontal seam engines was in my childhood, when I looked into the engine room at the Chiemsee paddlers. Then In 75 I saw the DIESSSEn running the last year under steam, I took all measurings and plans and started to make this model within 3000 hours. Is running with radio control, about 2m long, scale 1/20, engine and boiler made of inox steel and very light. Complete interior like original and so far. if I would know how to upload the pics, I would do it.

Andreas (living near Munich, Germany)

I'm glad you followed the call to join this forum, Andy! It's good to have you here. I'm sure you're wonderful model will be appreciated here.
Could you please tell a little more about the engine? Did you build it? And is the hull made from brass sheet as well, as in your Schondorf steamer?
Because I grew up and lived in Starnberg county until 2 years ago, I'm enjoying being reminded of the wonderful F├╝nfseenland (how I miss the beergardens...), though I'm too young to have seen the Diessen under steam.

Regards, Moritz

Hi PD's ...& as Moritz says Andy.... :bravo...great some of the .jpgs I was not sure if I was looking at the model or the real vessel.....but so many questions......  :sorry

I can see the two gas tanks, the twin boiler burners, the steam discharge & super heater loop, the lubricator & the lagged line to the engine

1) at the 12.00 o'clock position just under the paddle shaft we see a container with a screwed/flanged top...what is this? it engine shaft driven?....does the discharge line go overboard?

2) at about 5.00 o'clock I see a device which connects to the engine near the PORT side steam connection..... what is this ?

3) at about 7.00 o'clock... :hammer...another device which appears to be driven off the paddle shaft......& connected to the this a water make up pump?

4) barely visable in this .jpg......but shown in another .jpg is the horizontal tank mounted in the lower engine frame with a screwed/flanged end....just AFT of the paddle shaft what is this ?

5) again in the plan .jpg we see two yollow painted perforated & curved covers in line with both each engine bottom end & also each boiler burner..... :thinking...are these anti splash guards to keep oil spary from the burners?

Again...welcome on board.... :beer

Hello Andreas, welcome to the forum. What a fantastic model you have built, like Derek I too was often wondering if I were looking at the real ship. The attention to detail is superb and the quality of the workmanship again is excellent.

No questions from me I'll never get to doing anything as astounding as your model.



Congratulations, I haven't seen such a nicely detailed model before.


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