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Author Topic: sources for buying books  (Read 1710 times)


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sources for buying books
« on: September 23, 2007, 04:07:01 AM »
Hi all,
I noticed a lot of folks seem to be buying books from ebay and that can get both expensive and problematic.  If you are looking for standard fare try these sources as generally more reliable and cheaper in the long run, though postage from here tends to be with some dealers unreasonably high. Most books of standard size fit into a Priority mail envelope and postage is $11 USD airmail to most places in Europe and the rest of the world--there are some exceptions, though.. An M-bag is avialble but best for many books and is basically 3$ per pound. Some dealers have cheaper books buit get you with the postage--be careful.
in the Netherlands
in Germany
or for new books
new books

you can also look at (purchased last year by ABEBOOKS)
both of these place list books that you search from  NEARLYALL available sources so you can compare prices,condition, mailing costs, etc.
A good source of nautical material is Ten Pound Island books (they are on Abebooks as well, but may not list everything in their stock so you can Google their web address.
The star rating system on ABE is mostly about the number of books sold. Watch out for the very high priced stuff in that it may not be owned by the seller--they will then buy cheap from another dealer and send it to you at very high costs.
Hope this is useful.


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