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Author Topic: Directory of the world's steamships  (Read 1664 times)

Offline Roderick Smith

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Directory of the world's steamships
« on: September 08, 2007, 04:49:39 PM »
My copy of Alistair D's latest book arrived on Friday.
Its scope: all surviving steam vessels on which you may travel as a member of the public, just by booking a ticket.  Method of propulsion is irrelevant.  Obviously, many are paddlesteamers, but lots are screw ones, right up to international cruise vessels with turbines (eg Maxim Gorky, which I saw in Chile once, and which has been to Australia).  The range comes right down to steam launches of dinghy size.
There are lots of borderline cases: vessels which have been in public service, but which are awaiting restoration; vessels which are the subject of restoration plans, which may not come to fruition; vessels which are essentially private, but which may be photographed (and possibly ridden) at occasional rallies.  Alistair has gone for inclusive rather than exclusive, which certainly helps hobbyists (such as me) plan their travels.  Despite extensive and intensive research, there may be some which have slipped through the net, particularly in western Africa.
In keeping with today's style, Alistair has given as many websites as possible for these vessels, so that readers will be inspired to check latest schedules and news, and travel/cruise/voyage.
The book is structured in catalog style, grouped by world region.  Each entry has a thumbnail b&w photo, key facts and a potted history.
There are a few tabulations in the appendixes, with various rankings and summaries.
A colour section in the centre of the book has 31 photos, including one of the classic PS Waverley.

The book was published by Tempus:, isbn 978 0 7524 4208 2.

Credits include Bill W (of this group) and me (I helped with several photos of Australian vessels, and some NZ ones).

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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