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Author Topic: New cheap pictorial on Murray River paddleboats  (Read 1555 times)

Offline Roderick Smith

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New cheap pictorial on Murray River paddleboats
« on: December 03, 2006, 11:16:05 AM »
I was in Railfan Shop (Melbourne) on Fri.1.12, delivering Nov.06 RNV.
I bought a copy of McNicol 'Paddleship parade', Railmac Publications, 2006.  ISBN 978-1-86477-052-X.  28 landscape pages (238 mm x 170 mm) on gloss stock.

Railpac specialises in good-value cheap pictorial books on transport themes, usually with full page or half page photos and informative captions.

Two early ones (18 years ago now) covered Murray River paddleboats.
This one is of recent photos (97% in colour) of the surviving traditional boats and larger private ones. I have similar photos of most of these myself, often at the same events. However. it does have some of departed friends: Captain Sturt and Wanera in particular.
It isn't as comprehensive or detailed as Peter Plowman's recent book, but it is much cheaper. Get your wife to buy you Plowman, and your kids to buy you Railmac? Or, be totally cheap and wait for the posts to this forum from Michael, Sean and me.

The list of boats covered:
PS Adelaide (in a park and back on the water)
PV Akuna Amphibious (before and after the renaming)
PS Alexander Arbuthnot
PV Avoca
PS Canberra
SWPS Captain Sturt (now scrapped)
PV Coonawarra
PS Cumberoona
PS Enterprise
PS Etona (including one at Goolwa during Source to Sea, a long way from home)
PS Gem
PV Impulse
PS Industry
PV Madam Jade (a floating bric a brac shop)
PS Marion
PS Mary Ann replica
PS Melbourne
PS Mundoo (now PV)
PS Oscar W
PS Pevensey
PV Pride of the Murray
PV Rothbury
PS Ruby
PV Wanera (now burnt to a hull)
My copy was AUD14.50; I have no idea of overseas pricing, availability or p&p.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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