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here is my little steam engine nearly finished except for a few fittings yet to be made.

bore 2.1/2" with a stroke of 2"
double acting slide valve
slip eccentric valve timing with 75% cut off
height 19"
width 6"
weight 20kg
hp 1-1.5 depending on rpm and boiler pressure.

This engine was run on display at the local engineering tafe,it ran very smoothly considering everything is still wearing in.
The engine is yet to run on steam and will run even better due to the expansion property of steam.. :wink:

so for now it sit's in the corner of the lounge room!

cheers Anthony

That looks brilliant Anth, I wish I could make one (I am not even going to try!!!!)
It is about the size I was looking for, but I think I might need a little bigger now, not sure!?!?!
Good Work :()

No you wouldn't need any bigger.....!!! :D

it would suit a hull of around 16ft,a engine a  little smaller or reduced boiler pressure would be better.

cheers anthony

No bigger then!! How much has that one cost you to make? And how heavy is it with a full boiler?
It still looks awesome :)

Sean Bryan:
Is that the same engine you've posted before? It looks like you've painted it...have you?

I'll have to come and check it out some time! It will be good to see it under steam...I assume you ran it under an air compressor!



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