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Hello Mick,

This is just the post  :clap2  I have been looking for, I have been  :thinking about what paddle wheels I could use for my boat and by far your's look the best  :no1
Those paddle wheels are meant for models aren't they? Just by looking at your website. I was wondering if it is possible to follow the same method, but for a paddler that is going to be around 9-10m long? And what materials are best suited for a light weight durable paddle wheel? But your paddle wheels look absolutely awesome, and I really want mine to look the same, so hopefully I can build a larger version. Thanks heaps.  :beer


--- Quote from: "paddlesteamerman1" ---Hello Mick,

This is just the post I have been looking for, I have been  :thinking about what paddle wheels I could use for my boat and by far your's look the best....
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thanks....but for a 10 metre boat (ie. a real one???)
This is something I've thought about - though I doubt I'll ever get to put it into practice - and I suppose it should be possible to build them in a similar way but using steel bar of the type used for equipment racking in telephone exchanges! (I used to work in one years ago - even then I was looking at objects from the point of view of how they could be used.....) Not the racking itself, which was heavy angle-iron, but the steel 'tie-bars' connecting the racks together. It was about inch-and-a-half wide by quarter-inch thick steel and could have been bolted into the shapes used to form the wheel frame.....However, I now think I'd consider using 'cable drum' frames, which were available up to about 5 feet in outer diameter and welded construction, like this.... ...expensive though so I'd be looking in scrapyards!

Thanks Mick! I will go and look at the site. Because I was thinking that if I could find a cylinder, and just take the two rims off it and use them as frames. But I will wait a bit and have a good look around..

Sean Bryan:
'cable drum' frames,

I've looked into this for my boat and I don't think it's a good way to go!

It can be hard to find two the same size, especially through scrap places, the wooden one's aren't the best wood and I think they would fall apart easily. They are also pretty heavy.

The other thing I looked into was 'wire drum' frames, much smaller and often metal, for the wheel hubs. Again this was dodgy...the metal bends very easily and with the applied pressure of the water I think you'd lose their shape pretty quickly.

We'll be making 'simple spiderweb wheels' for Grebe, but welding pieces together instead of plastic cementing! This has appeared to be the best form available for a small boat after I've spent a year looking for things that could work...including bicycle wheels! So Mick you'll be seeing much larger 'spidey' wheels soon. When the hull is finished we're gonna weld a quick wheel together and start doing engine trials!

Yes I have decided that I will be using the Simple Spiderweb Wheels for the Sarah Jane as well... I think it is the way to go.


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