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Marine Steam Plants for boats up to 35' length, Australia

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I just found a really decent looking site on the internet -
and it sells marine steam plants to power vessels up to 35' in length.
I think it is worth a look anyway  :sunglasses
It is in Goolwa, South Australia..


Have a look at the prices.....!
 S,Steam only supply finished engines which can be big buck's depending on the model...And then boiler you will need a budget of at least $10,000-15,000 au dollars for your steam plant.

You can't just get a steam plant and put it in a boat you need to know.
...hull size
this determines hp needed by the engine then from there you  calculate steam hp for the boiler.that will help design the boiler needed.....then you work out your paddle wheel diameter,and width
spokes,rev's per minute and ratio to engine speed.

In other words heaps of research!!! :wink:
once you have settled on a hull then worry about the engine :luck

Sean Bryan:
How do you work out speed without an engine?

Displacement is the weight of the boat right...because that is then how much it displaces in the water.

Hull size I've got covered!

Hey anth making a steam engine is all good but where on earth do I get a boiler from?
Would it be cheaper to use compressed air for instance?


speed of a hull is dertimed by the water line shape and length there is a formula but off the top of my head :?
we need to know hull speed in larger boats because overpowering them is a waste.
average 1 hp per tonne
1 sq foot heating surface per hp

In your case everything is smaller hence the cost will be cheaper.
The boiler can be made i was thinking a water tube boiler and engine of around 1.3/4-2" with a 2" stroke will suit

Yeah, I just saw the site and thought maybe someone might like it eh!! I have a long way to go yet before I can look at engines. Hopefully I can get a decent hull.. But I might need some help with all the engine kind of stuff...
Thanks Anth!!


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