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Czech paddler Bohemia kit


Some time ago JGGold2003 in message2861 was asking about the
BOHEMIA. I have found an advert by a Czech publisher for a book on
the history of this old ship. Unfortunately it is in Czech language!.
Written by Miroslav Hubert and titled LEGENDARNY PARNIK BOHEMIA. As
regards colour, the dust jacket has what looks like an old oil
painting of her in the following scheme: HULL to main deck, BLACK.ALL
CABIN STRUCTURE above main deck, buff or light brown. PADDLE BOXES
light brown. FUNNEL- black (this is much taller and fatter than in
the kit). If you type in lode-plany 2 as a search, you should find a
site with a downloadable plan and article with 2 photos of a model
built from the plan. Also, I find that searching for czech paddlers,
if you type parnik in front of the ships name, you get good results!
(does it mean paddler or steamer?). Sorry its a bit long winded, but
every little helps. Merry Christmas, Walter.

Alistair Deayton:
The engines from BOHEMIA survive in the Dresden paddle steamer DIESBAR, she
is the third steamer they have been in and they have been altered at various
stages in their life.
Dating from 1841 they are the oldest set of marine steam machinery in
operation worldwide

Alistair Deayton

Parnik = steamer


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