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I visited the Sinsheim Messe near Heidelberg in Germany in January to see the annual model engineer show held there.  Several very nice model boats were on display.  I have written about three of them, the Rigi, the Zambesi, and the Tachtalia.  You can see my web page at;  Only the first part of the document will be of interest to this group.  This is not a permanent page, so it probably would not be wise to enter it in a list of links.

I found the Tachtalia especially interesting.  I had never heard of a paddler with four wheels before.

                                                Robert Grauman

Eddy Matthews:
Fascinating Robert.....  Some lovely photos there.  The four wheeled Tachtalia is very unusual, just the sort of thing that really interests me!

Does anyone have any more info on this vessel. or similarly unusual paddlers?



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