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Author Topic: Possible new paddle tug kits  (Read 1360 times)


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Possible new paddle tug kits
« on: June 19, 2005, 03:34:01 PM »
On Sunday last, 9th March, I went to the model boat trasdres
exhibition at Ellesmere port boat museum. An old friend, Frank
Hinchcliffe, of Caldercraft fame, the founder and proprietor of
MOUNTFLEET models was exhibiting and we had a good chat. In passing,
he mentioned that he was considering designing and marketing a large
paddle tug kit in the near future. Anyone who has seen one of his
large scale kits will know to expect a spectacular highly detailed
model. I will keep at him!!!.
Also , I had a long chat with the proprietor of MOBILE MARINE
MODELS. Those of you who read Model boats and Marine modelling will
have seen many of their hulls and semi kits reviewed. They specialise
in tug kits and hulls at quite reasonable prices. Anyway, he knows my
love of paddlers and told me that by the end of the year he hopes to
be marketing a paddle tug kit, plus two sets of paddle wheel kits,
one feathering, the other not, cast (injected) in a material which
appeers to be a cross between resin and something like nylon. Very
strong. He took a liferaft casting off the display, made from this
material and threw it hard at the floor. It bounced like a golf ball!
No fractures or distortion. Something to watch. Dont ring him- every
time the phone goes it takes him off production.! I will keep you
posted on developments. Cheerio for now, Walter.


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Possible new paddle tug kits
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2005, 03:34:22 PM »
Well done.
I visited the Beale Park show last spring and also talked to Mobile Marine
Models about producing a paddle tug kit. If we all keep giving these guys an
occasional reminder we might even get some paddlers onto the market.
I am currently reading a very good book about paddlers called simply “
British Paddle Steamers” by Geoffrey Body. It was published in 1971 by David
and Charles and is a really excellent read. ISBN 0 7153 5118 4 .

Specially for PJ, there is a bit about the PS Paris. In September 1889, she
made the crossing to France in 3 hrs 25 minutes but was beaten the next day
by PS Rouen, just five minutes quicker. Don’t think it is any quicker now,
is it??? Must have been quite a sight to see these ships at full speed. 250
feet long with two 7ft diameter funnels, set at a 13 degree rake!!
All the best

Mike Mayhew

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Possible new paddle tug kits
« Reply #2 on: June 19, 2005, 03:34:53 PM »
Perhaps you have not seen my recent posts on the paddle Tug AID, I will
shortly be making a plug and moulding in 1:48 for this historic tug. A
double ender.... and a fire fighter! I also now have available a set of
paddles in 1.5mm brass 4" diameter and 36mm wide. the floats can be
from50 -70mm wide. This all brass kit needs no special tools to assemble,
solder and bolt only. The kit of two wheels is £110. and fits any 1:48 scale
model as well as the director Class tugs. My business makes over 1500
fittings in metal and resin and over 80 hull types. I make Waverley and
Cardiff Queen, and will shortly be doing the Humber ferries, Wingfield
Castle etc. See the article in MMI due shortly. Waverley Mike.


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