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Four wheel paddlesteamer "Tachtalia"

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Hello,dear friends and neighbors,

Today I want introduce to you my 1:31 scaled model of the Danube Paddle steamer "Tachtalia" with four paddlewheels.

The original ship was built 1854 in Budapest to pass the "Iron Gate" - a short part on lower Danube which was full of obstacels like stones and rocks, low water and very strong speed of water. Bevore 1854 it wasn`t possible to navigate across this part of Danube.
In 1854 the Izlas/Tachtalia canal was finished. The canal was about 2,2 km long and rather narrow; now it became possible to navigate with the two low water steamers "Tachtalia " and the sister shio "Izlas" across the now much less difficult section.

Both steaners had two independ boilers, engines and pairs of wheels - in case of an ebgine damage this was an additional security.
The ships were in use until the1890tis, when the canal was largened and improvwd.
From this time on the cable steamer "Vascapu" was set in additional to pull the barges.

Also my model has two independend oscillating steamengines made by Kassner, Frankfurt/Oder.
Bore and stroke were 6 and 7 mm.

Here the dimensions of the model: Lenght 1520 mm, wide of hull 200 mm, draught 22 mm, the deplacement is aproximately 4,2 kg. The height of the midship section of the hull is onlly 40 mm.
At the beginning I used also two seperate boilers, but this was not suitable, so I changed in building one larger boiler.

The original normally was moved by only one engine, only in difficult and dangerous situations the second engine was also used.
To make the plan for my model I used the accurate and plausible drawings of ship engtneer Erwin Hauke in his book
"Dampfschiffe der DDSG", Wien, 2001.

The pictures I made in November, 15 th at a little lake not far away from Reutlingen, it was a rather cold day and the steam gave a nice element to the picture.



Very beautiful ship, congratulations.
Could you please post some better views of the engines? Looks like they drive the wheels indirectly? How are they geared?

Eddy Matthews:
Absolutely fantastic Tom - I really like the more unusual vessels, so the Tachtalia appeals to me!

It looks like a tight squeeze to get everything into such a shallow hull though. Do you have any photos taken during the construction of the model? If you have, I'd love to see them.


What an unusual and fantastic model you have made there Tom.

Well done that man.


Walter Snowdon:
Congratulations on a fascinating model Tom. Like the others I need more information! Plans source, what type of engines ( they are in shadow in the pictures), boiler type, method of firng, size of model in fact EVERYTHING!!!!. Regards, Walter.


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