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Title: Need input on a first build
Post by: proflooney on May 07, 2016, 12:47:34 AM
Hey guys I am new to boats and looking for a good first build.

I will post some pertinent info below:

1: I am not new to scale models been designing and building scale aircraft for abt 40 + yrs

2: I am very proficient with solidworks 3D cad and do a lot of drawings for aircraft using original factory drawings so I am not afraid do do a little drawing.

3: am familiar with ship offsets as have the full microfilm set for the Fletcher class destroyer and created a large excel file converting hundreds of offset dimensions into dimensions and txt files for lofting the individual stations.

4: want something really cool with a lot of details

5: I like sidewheelers but really love big riverboats like the delta queen etc.

6: I am looking to build something in the 4 to 5 ft range   :evil

7: not afraid of challenges or to ask questions