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Title: A word of warning..
Post by: periscope on May 10, 2006, 05:15:22 AM
At last I've got my sub correctly weighted and can now drive it straight and level a couple of feet under water - went to the club pond today and had some really great testing time. BUT.... after a while I got myself tangled again in the dreaded weed, this time it stopped the sub dead. I tried to drive out of it but the sub would not respond forward - nor would it go in reverse although I could hear the motor turning, eventually I got the boat out of the pond by lassoing it with a length of cord. (Now maybe this is a common problem but I've never heard of it happening before,) when I got it on the stand to free the massive clump of weed I found that while the powerful motor had been turning in reverse it had actually unscrewed the prop and forced it against the rear dive plane which was by then badly twisted but luckily returned to shape when the pressure was taken off it. So... sub drivers beware...