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Title: Pssss....secret news!
Post by: Sean Bryan on July 06, 2005, 07:47:58 PM
I just got my Winter installment of the Friends of the port newsletter and found out that on the Sunday of the Steam festival week in october a new book is being released (at 2:15) with the Author there as well!

but shhh I don't know how public this news is yet!
Title: Pssss....secret news!
Post by: Sean Bryan on October 16, 2005, 09:35:28 AM
Murray Darling Paddleboats by Peter Plowman was the book that was released (and I have a signed copy!)

It is the best resource for all running paddle steamers on the Murray and the Darling and how to find them. It has information on 90-something paddlers that are operating on the rivers and includes the house boat companies that operate paddling houses.

All except one of the pictures were taken by the author and the book also covers boats that are in the building process along with a being restored section.

It is in alphabetical order-Adelaide to Yarrara and for the majority of boats (except about 3) he has gathered information on all aspects of history on the boats.

Some interesting paddlers include one thats hull is made from pvc pipes and another that is made from a catalina flying boat and the Gnat and Gnatty which are the only feathering aussies I'm aware of!

It also includes the Enterprise which once was a Murray River boat before it was restored in Echuca and trucked off to Canberra in the museum.

You can't beat this book for info on aussie paddlers! and I doubt any country can beat over 90 operational paddlers!

Author: Peter Plowman
RRP: oh well I bought it for Aus$24.95 and I think thats what it is everywhere!
ISBN: 1-877058-37-8

Happy Reading!
Title: Pssss....secret news!
Post by: PJ on October 16, 2005, 10:47:24 AM
For UK PD's, Amazon UK says they have it currently on sale at £6.99 (US$12.34) ! Of course you never know with Amazon if there are going to be extra charges before postage, but it might be worth checking out.