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Roderick Smith:
A 30 s clip of Industry opened up (engine & paddles) to avoid a slalom set up by a houseboat and a wakeboard boat during one of three local cruises in beautiful weather on Sun.2.11.14:
Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

 :great  :c017 for posting Roderick many years since I've a full size turning over at Swan Hill and Echuca.

Roderick Smith:
As I post, PS Industry is returning from a happy voyage to Loxton for a special weekend: Loxton Museum of Agricultural Technology Family Open Day.
Fri.31.7: Leave Renmark to Kaesler's Landing (upstream from Loxton), the first paddlesteamer to tie up there for nearly 100 years.
Sat.1.8: 1 h cruises.
Sun.2.8 morning to Berri, afternoon local cruise.
Mon.3.8: home to Renmark.
In advance, the Kaesler family cut and stacked a lot of wood.  Captains and engineers came from Echuca, Mildura and Mannum to join the local crew.
A full coverage is at the PS Industry facebook site, which is open access:
Here is just the retoned advance newspaper item.

Roderick Smith:
Coming steaming dates.


Roderick Smith:
But then Australian heat.  PS Industry has a policy of not running on days of 40 deg C heat; in practical terms, that means cancelling in advance when there is a prediction of 40, so as not to leave people in the lurch on the day.  Riverland (and Sunraysia) will get many 40-45 days in a typical summer.  The state capitals go above 40 only rarely.


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