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paddle wheels magazine- spring issue.


Walter Snowdon:
Just received the latest issue of Paddle Wheels  (quarterly magazine of the  Paddle steamer preservation Society). Quite a good issue with updates on Waverley, Kingswear Castle, Medway queen and Maid of the Loch.  Even with the lock down work is in progress on all the ships with hope of seeing them open in the spring/early summer. Plenty of superb photographs of work on Waverleys engines and the rebuilding of the slipway for Maid of the Loch. 4th april sees the 75th anniversary of the launch of   PS Bristol queen with a centre= spread of 5 super colour photographs of her in service. (I have never seen these photos published before). Plus a run down and pics of the Dresden paddler fleet with a (hopeful) programme of sailings for the summer. A good read.  The full page rear cover picture of Waverley with a covering of snow would make a fantastic christmas card! Regards, Walter

This Medway Queen thread is the most recent so have added here......image of the Medway Queen posted today on the Thames Sailing WEB site.....but with a June 28 -  2014 date code?

Obviously undergoing continued repair/rebuild
Scaffolding around the boiler chimney
No comments attached .....

Appears to be the same wharf & galvanized walled building here with the unique angular piling


John S:
If by any chance someone fancies building a model of Medway Queen then a set of drawings many taken from the original builders plans can be purchased from the preservation society. Visit the society Facebook page for further details and  information on the restoration progress to date. She is berthed at Gillingham so not far from Chatham where the paddle tug John H Amos is on a pontoon hopefully awaiting restoration back to life. John.

I saw the film. Unfortunately I must conclude: It`s rather disappointing. Obviously nearly no work has be done for years, the deck planks seems rotten, superstructure and many other parts are rusty, interieur is unfinished. What`s about the great goal 15 years ago to set the M. Q. again in service? I accept the difficulties about Covid and lack of money - but in last years I dont see any progress.


John S:
Medway Queen has just returned from her regular slipping, hull repainted, pursers cabin restored, below dechs the saloons have been refurbished, new bars built , decks relaid and furniture added to suit the immediate goal of it for the time being used as a conference centre. Sadly the engine although having been conserved and was being turned while at Bristol is not likely to return to steam for some years and of course there is a slight problem of a new boiler being needed. During the return tow from Ramsgate to Gillingham one wheel was slightly damaged after getting entangled with a buoy but that is a minor consideration as neither wheel has any floats or at least near the waterline. I am not sure which pictures you are referring to but do not match those showing her present condition. On the other hand the John H Amos I believe is in a sorry state but is no longer in the water but on a pontoon (ex landing craft Narvik) but I have no more information than it is at Chatham across tghwe water from MQ. John.


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