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Yukon Sternwheelers: Historic videos on youtube


I just found tw owonderful videos showing historic footage of Yukon sternwheelers:
1920s 1930s Alaska, Mountain Scenery, Steamboat
3:27 b&w
A 1949 Steam Adventure from Skagway to Dawson
38:11 color

Especially the latter is really amazing: It documents a trip on the Casca sternwheeler when steamboat traffic was still common, including such scenes as barge towing, frequent cordwood refueling, winching up through five finger rapids, disembarking general cargo etc.
In my opinion, a real treasure!

regards, Moritz

Thank you, Moritz. Very interesting!

Regards Thomas

Here's some more:
In the days of the River Boats
18:46, color


Very Good


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