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Pontoon Sternwheeler


I am looking to build a trailerable sternwheeler using aluminum pontoons that are usually used for "party barges".  I would like to build something that looks like a typical 1800's riverboat that plied the American rivers and looks like the old South.

I can't seem to locate any plans for a boat like this, nor pictures of anything that has been built in the past.

Could someone head me in the right direction?

Mike Smith:
Try contacting Gary Morton of the American Sternwheel Association. He built a sternwheeler very similar to what you have described. Details of the boat use to be on their web site but I can't locate the article any more. The ASA web site is below.



Thanks Mike

I would suggest to try to get the reprint of the Sternwheeler Catalog by The Marine Iron Works of Chicago, see

This lovely little book contains the drawings of a number of small to medium sized sternwheelers. The smallest of the are two 45' and 48' cabin launches and a 50' river steamer, a quite simple workboat. In my opinion, these simple and utilitarian boats look far more authentic than simply trying to decorate a party barge with some style elements of "floating wedding cake" Mississippi steamers.


Mike Smith:
G'day Paddlek,

I know it has been nearly a year since you asked your question on building a trailerable pontoon sternwheeler and I don't know if you are still interested but by chance I came across the web site of the bloke from the American Sternwheel Association who built a similar type of boat. The web site is:


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