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Ulonga replica


Roderick Smith:
Recently sold via Gumtree (taking over from eBay for major items in Australia).
It is a 2/3 replica of the original PS Ulonga, being built by a river captain.
Steel paddleboat hull, 24m x 6m, five bulkheads, six compartments (including two cargo holds with large hatches and one compartment split into two 3m x 3m cabins with hatch each and portholes) ready to be launched, fuel tank, 6354 Perkins engine. Registered SA as Traditional Paddleboat. Cost price to date $55 000 on steel alone. Willing to sell for $20 000 or best offer. Can be completed where it is, only 5km to launch site.
River gossip hasn't mentioned the construction location, or the purchaser (who must surely be one of the fraternity, not a newcomer).
IIRC, Ulonga was one of a trio of similar/identical vessels: it, Pevensey (preserved at Echuca), Wanera (hull preserved at Colignan).
Enclosed: the photos which came with online listing.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor


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