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Introduce Yourself / Re: New this winter
« Last post by Walter Snowdon on January 27, 2022, 06:42:08 AM »
Hi, and welcome to paddleducks. Its nice to read a new face! I have my doubts about your model being that of the beautiful Marmion. She had a very long narrow hull- 210 foot long with a beam of only 24 feet across her  hull giving her a ratio of nearly 9 to 1. Your hull has a much smaller ratio  and is quite deep and has the looks of an early tug. Also Marmion had a near vertical knife edge bow where yours has a raked and curved bow. The stern is almost "spooned" and is rather full , again like a tug .I am pretty certain P N Thomas did an article on her.  In model  Bo ts magazine,   I think in the ninetee seventies , with a detailed plan. If so it will be in paddleducks plans/articles section. Regards, Walter.
Introduce Yourself / Re: New this winter
« Last post by Lornepark on January 26, 2022, 10:37:43 AM »
Graupner wheels, and electric motors, servo and receiver. No plans of any kind. My Dad thought it was a model of the Glen Rosa, but I'm guessing Marmion. Dad had it given to him by my uncle. I'd like to finish this repeatedly abandoned project.
Introduce Yourself / Re: New this winter
« Last post by Lornepark on January 26, 2022, 10:33:34 AM »
Hull is solid layered wood
Introduce Yourself / Re: New this winter
« Last post by Eddy Matthews on January 26, 2022, 08:55:47 AM »
Try to get some photos posted Gordo, and then ask your questions - I'm sure we can help.

Welcome to Paddleducks
Introduce Yourself / New this winter
« Last post by Lornepark on January 26, 2022, 04:35:38 AM »
I suddenly inherited my dad's models and am now going to try and finish the only one that he never completed. I look forward to using this site, as it looks like I'm going to need it to finish what I believe is an unfinished model of the P. S. Marmion

Research / Re: Auxiliary Paddle wheel steamers
« Last post by derekwarner_decoy on January 18, 2022, 10:50:08 AM »
Hullo GP....some vessels are more than a little difficult to research, the only reference I briefly see is that of the engine builders, Ships are listed in their products, however nothing for the vessel itself....[assuming you will have found this ......

from Wikipedia....

"Bury, Curtis and Kennedy was a steam locomotive manufacturer in Liverpool, England
Type   General partnership
Industry   Engineering
Heavy industry
Predecessor   Edward Bury and Company
Founded   1826
Founder   Edward Bury
Defunct   1851
Products   Locomotives
Number of employees   1600

So with this, it would be very difficult to consider with any surity, the type and size of vessel

Research / Auxiliary Paddle wheel steamers
« Last post by GP2572 on January 18, 2022, 01:56:20 AM »
Hi,  I'm researching, the "Hoddington", a paddle wheel steamer constructed by Messrs. Vernon and Son in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1846, with engines made by Messrs. Bury, Curtis and Kennedy.  It had paddle wheels 29ft 'over the floats' and 4 decks.  I was wondering whether it's possible to estimate the size of the ship from this information, as well as it's possible uses.  If anyone has some insights to share, I'd be delighted.  Thanks.
Hi Jurgen and Derek,

also we are okay, no covid. Only dark and cold winter days, the right time to build anything.

The hulls breadht is 150 mm and of the bow thruster ca. 154 mm, so that I don`t see any problem to install it. For the bow and stern section I have used balsa, not Forex or Styrodur. After sanding the hulls out- and inside got two paints of Voss G 4 Polyrethan resin. The resin will seal by penetrating the wood, so that the balso will get a really hard surface.
It`s astonishing, how less time this long narrow hull needs until now. But the problems will come later, I`m shure...
Evening Thomas.........

I am not sure about this build  :whistle ......but for thruster interest, please confirm the effective available internal beam

Live steam / Re: Microcosm boiler
« Last post by derekwarner_decoy on January 15, 2022, 02:22:40 PM »
Welcome........may sound a silly question :oops, but can you not remove a fitting & measure the mail thread/s?

Or you could simply e-mail Jin, the owner/principal of Microcosm, the manufacturer. & confirm the boiler serial number.. Jin would come back with an answer or simply to suggest a component by Part Number, & from there go to the extensive pages of the Microcosm WEB site & back check the component detail including the male thread form

I say this, as Microcosm advertise & market accessories [water gauges or steam shut off valves etc] with alternate thread, 1/4" x 40 TPI, or an M6x 1 

Microcosm use CNC manufacturing equipment, so all thread forms are/should be 1st Class

Keep us posted   :beer


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