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Hello all. Does anybody know what thread sizes are used on Microcosm S1 boiler? I bought this one on eBay
and wonder what thread sizes are used at its various connection points and accessories. Water gauge, pressure gauge, safety valve, exhaust condenser, steam pipe connection, gas pipe to burner, etc. I can not find any details anywhere :-(
Thanks for any ideas!

Welcome........may sound a silly question :oops, but can you not remove a fitting & measure the edit male thread/s?

Or you could simply e-mail Jin, the owner/principal of Microcosm, the manufacturer. & confirm the boiler serial number.. Jin would come back with an answer or simply to suggest a component by Part Number, & from there go to the extensive pages of the Microcosm WEB site & back check the component detail including the male thread form

I say this, as Microcosm advertise & market accessories [water gauges or steam shut off valves etc] with alternate thread, 1/4" x 40 TPI, or an M6x 1 

Microcosm use CNC manufacturing equipment, so all thread forms are/should be 1st Class

Keep us posted   :beer


How did you go with your boiler fitting dimensions?............. :whistle


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