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Marine Steam Engine "Bogstandards" Forthcoming Build


Good day everyone

I've recently joined the paddle-ducks forum after coming across a collection of posts and sketches by the late John "Bogstandard" Moore. I've recently got my hands on a milling machine and a nice new Warco lathe and have decided to build Bogstandards steam engine.

This engine will be used as a display piece and I decided that I wanted to enlarge the model to twice the size that John had originally built. One of my hobbies is drafting and 3D design using Fusion360 by auto-desk. Please find attached a screenshot of the modeled engine. This engine now measures 240mm x 210mm which is a lovely size for a display piece.

I'll be creating a new set of plans to this enlarged size and if anyone would like copies of these plans I'd be delighted to furnish anyone with a set. the model has been fully simulated in Fusion360 and operates beautifully. It'll take another few weeks to complete the plans but I hope that people can make use of them.

When I begin building this model. i;ll possibly be making videos of it for YouTube.......

I'd love to hear any feedback on this engine and if anyone wants plans let me know....


Welcome to PD's Martin

You have obviously researched the old archives to find Bogdystandards Fag-o-Cad  paper sketches

As you will read , John apart from a talented Craftsman, was a person of unique personality :shhh and a sense of humour as dry as a parched Australian desert   :ranting
John passed over to the Big Steam Shop in the sky, probably some 3 years ago after loosig his two loved Dogs, Bandit & Vinnie

So whilst you have nominated a x double size, would this now be 20 x 24 -  bore to stroke?, and have the plans been drawn in Metric or Imperial?

I could think of no more fitting courtesy to John, but to post a copy of your take on his engine plans to our archives under the Title of Bogstandard x  2 Engine

Looking forward to your progress here on PD's




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