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Boiler feed steampump, shuttle valve problem solved


Dear live steamers,

We all know the stand alone boiler feed pumps, and they all share one problem:
The steam valves, they must be precise, and the smaller they get the harder it is to run them with live steam.

I found a solution to get rid of the shuttle valve.
I explain it in this video i made last year.

Hullo & welcome to PD's John

......first the steam plant & now this little boiler feed pump with neo-magnet valve holding function :bravo

This must have been quite a bit of trial & error, as these little magnets [with varying gauss] are extremely difficult to pull apart in a straight linear movement

This is indeed a very intelligent method of achieving you have said 'a difficult challenge' :ranting

My involvement is associated with 5" Gauge engines, and their builders often note....many of their steam-driven feed pumps are problematic, and they rely on the larger axle driven pumps

Well done & happy boating under steam

Derek  :beer

Hi Derek,
I also own a Clayton undertype steamwagon in 2" scale.
I've build this one in 10 years and its a happy running on a flat road.
This one also relies on the axle driven pump, i fitted An injector, but operating while driving is a challenge.
I am intending to fit this steampump in the cab, i already removed the injector.
Happy steaming!!


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