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"Fulton`s Folly" - no model - trip

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Thanks all!
Here some details: The new rudder, the engine with slide valves removed and the steam pipe...


Here the new PTFS Teflon slide valves compared with the old brass ones.
I expect less pressure friction and therefore more power of the engine. I will tell you the result. If I`m right - may be, that it is worth while to alter other slide valve (not piston valve) engines in this way, including models.


Hi friends and neighbors,

the running test with the teflon slide valves were full success, as the pictures shows - it was a powerful turning of the paddlewheels. I estimate the increase of power at least by 30 %.
Indeed the area of the my slide valves (ca. 7 square cm) and therefore the pressure against the cylinder mirror is relativ large, it could be considered, whether it`s advantageous to alter also slide valves of model engines with teflon.
Pressure was about 90 - 100 psi or 6 - 7 bar.



I am sure Winfried Niggle would be happy seeing his miniature steam oil displacement lubricators :gift being used on such a large scale engine....



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