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Not this year anymore Thomas. According to the original plans we were to be over there right now in August, but thanks to Corona plans were cancelled.
So it will be sometime next year.


You will be welcome, Jurgen.

Hello,  very nice to see your paddler again. I think I saw the booklet and engine some years ago at the Karlsruhe exhibition.

Regarding the Teflon slide valves, too bad they did not work as intended. I notice you had them built entirely out of Teflon. I have read that other modellers have built Teflon valves but kept a metal frame around and above them, where the valve rod engages. That way I think they can avoid the Teflon becoming distorted. Maybe worth an experiment?


Thanks Thomas. I'm looking forward to greeting you and your wife again.


The deformed teflon slide valves now were replaced by brass and teflon made ones. Yesterday I made a steam test - engine was running very well. I hope this slide valves will keep longer time.


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