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Hi, friends and neighbors,

here are some impressions of a trip with my "Fulton`s Folly" on August 6 th.
The little journey takes on river Naab, a tributary of the upper Danube in Bavaria, not far from the mouth into the Danube.
On the bright sunny day it was pure joy to navigate with steam and paddlewheels on the very calm water. The trip was successful, althought two things had to improved: The rudder was too small and the friction between slide valve and the cylinder mirror level seems too strong. In the meantime I altered the rudder.
At a precision workshop I ordered two slide valves made of PTFS (teflon). I expect much less friction with this teflon slide valves.
The speed of the boat was like walking speed, perhaps a little more when the pressure was high until 8 bar/more than 100 pounds. Steam production of the boiler was sufficient, the feed pump wasn`t not quite, but I also used the injektor.
The quality of the pictures isn`t very good, but I hope, you will enjoy.

Well done Thomas.....paddle wheel of small size, but full scale......the water looks very tranquil......

From the images, the rudder appears to be totally removable??....

Is the boiler gas fired? or wood/coal?...


Hi Derek,

the rudder is full removable in seconds like the door of a cupboard, for no damaging when the boat comes into the water.
Boiler is propane gas fired. I hope, that soon I get the teflon slide valves for the engine - I would like to make some further trips in the bright late summer days.


Looks great....lovely for a summer day on the water.

Polite suggestion....maybe get two life jackets as part of the upgrades?!

Maybe you don't have the stringent Health and Safety laws like us in the UK. Here a jobsworth from the council would have been along in

Seriously though a truly great piece of work.


Looks wonderful  :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap


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