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Resizing Images before uploading

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is the image called (something) .jpg or  .bmp
.bmp is biggest (in bytes, kb) .jpg is usually much smaller but equally good quality.
as an example, the images below are identical but one is saved as a .jpg and the other as a .bmp....
*OK, looks like the .bmp doesn't display but has to be downloaded, but it does look the same and you can see the difference in file size!

Walter Cooper:
Hello Greebo TheCat,here is a site that I use for resizing photos.It pretty good,plus its free! Walter

GreeboTheCat <> wrote:
--- Quote ---    Got the re-sizing sorted but my intended Avatar image is still a bit too big. Max size is 6Kb and my (very small) image is still 10Kb. Is there an easy way to get down to 6Kb?


--- End quote ---

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Thanks fellas.



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