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Resizing Images before uploading

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Eddy Matthews:
To make your photo images quicker to upload, and to save us webspace, the following instructions should help if your a WinXP user...

My sincere thanks to Martin at ModelBoatMayhem for allowing me to use his article.

First you may need to download the Windows XP 'Power Toy'  Image Resizer -  

1. Open  Windows Explorer.   ( Windows key + E  or Right click my Computer > Explorer or  START > All Programs >  Accessories > Windows Explorer )

I'm trying to resize a photo to upload as my avatar.. but I cant find the resize selection in the menu after highlighting the photo.

You can also resize using 'paint' (start/programs/accessories/paint) Open the image in paint and click on Image/stretch-skew then alter the figure in both 'horizontal' and 'vertical' fields in stretch area of the tool control to (for example) 20% of original (this depends on the size of the original picture and the size needed for an avatar) Then click 'File/Save As' (not 'Save' which will change the original forever!) Finally, exit paint. If it asks if you want to save changes to ****.jpg (the original), select no!
Or to be on the safe side, make a copy from the original first (save as) the open the copy and resize it.

Typical 'Me' Thing to do... I went into paint - and searched and searched.. and couldn't find it.. but I remember now seeing stretch-skew...
I will try resizing with paint now

Got the re-sizing sorted but my intended Avatar image is still a bit too big. Max size is 6Kb and my (very small) image is still 10Kb. Is there an easy way to get down to 6Kb?



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