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Hi to all modellers, I am a new entry! First of all excuse me for my bad english..
Just few days ago I ended to build a double cylinder engine for boats. I download the plane (very detailed) here:
It is a very intresting site where you can find a lot of informations planes and so on. As soon as the engine will be tested I'll post more details.

I had plans from model boats magazine I think(back in the 80's) and now lost in time. for a 3 cylinder radial engine.

This has a shaft valve arrangement  and about 4" in dia and length.

Does anyone remember this?

Hi Mike
  All model engineers have to start with the basics,drilling tapping marking out.Progressing to straight forward turning and
milling.Lots of books on the internet covering all areas,I would recommend  the Workshop practice series.Engines for
first time builders,would advise simple oscillator.Try are free plans
available.There is nothing better than watching an engine you have built running.Please keep us posted on your progress.

Another site to find free plans on is
Look under Steam Engine Plans and then Elmer's Engines Plans. A couple of good ones to start are the Wobbler or the Live Steam Engine and Boiler.

Hi all

I found this page today which carries detailed plan(s) of steam engines etc. from the 1830's. Of French origin so all notes in French.



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