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Eddy Matthews:

--- Quote from: bobmclean on July 29, 2015, 04:25:15 PM ---Hi Eddy,
I joined this site to research stuff for my next model, PS Pevensey, however I seem not able to access the information and plans I need at this stage. Would you be able to direct me to a suitable resource that I can access to obtain some formula for calculating the required boiler sizes and efficiencies for supplying a three cylinder single acting steam engine of 12 x 36mm

--- End quote ---

Hi Bob,

All new members have to make a few posts before they can download (you're almost there!).

You will be restricted to 2 downloads per day once you gain access, but all of this is simply to deter the file troffers who send our bandwidth sky high and contribute absolutely nothing!

If more downloads are wanted, you can always subscribe, but we do not force anyone to pay for access!

I hope that answers your question...



1. I are not quite sure where you are when you say "however I seem not able to access the information and plans I need at this stage" when the following was provided some hours earlier....
2. PS Pevensey as you will find had a two cylinder double acting engine, not a three cylinder single acting steam engine
3. There is little point posting similar questions on differing threads relating to the same questions :picknose


Welcome Bob  :coffee......

Float a Boat in Melbourne have the 1:24 plan set for PS Pevensey for $65.00.....about 1.4 M long from memory

I have their plan sets for Oscar W and Adelaide...extremely well detailed, however you still need wood working skills

You also get hull profiles and water lines   :kewlpics

If you intend to build a Pevensey, it would be the best $65.00 you ever spent

I have not breached any Copyright Laws here as these are only shown as typical of the detail you could expect from the F a B plans

Keep us posted with your thoughts.....any questions just ask......Derek  :beer

Thanks all. Never used a forum before so don't know the rules.

Bonjours !
idée machine à vapeur :

mes excuses ,je ne parle que Français


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