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Eddy Matthews:
Just a quick reminder to let everyone know that there are full plans for dozens of steam engines and boilers etc in the "Downloads" section of this website...

Please feel free to make use of them, and if you build one, tell us about it!

Stu Kerrn Sr:
Could you pick one or two  Horizontals that may have been on, or fit  the Charlotta Dundas? No hurry, thank you

instaurator ruinae:
I am new to model boats and the the dark world of live steam engines.
Could you help me please, and tell me the best first engine to build? I do have a lathe and milling machine
but have very little experience in machining,
I would rather build from stock bar metal than buy casting.
look forward to your reply thanks MIKE.

instaurator ruinae:
Sorry I missed that one, Will look for it coming back on ebay.
Thanks MIKE.

Personally I would steer clear of the sort of adverts like that.

Usually they are either illegal copyright plans or absolute rubbish gathered together by someone who knows nothing about real steam engines and model boats.

The engine he is showing in the ad is a rather complex one, and would most probably require castings or a lot of experience to make, plus only being a single cylinder, is only good for forwards only, unless a rather complicated reversing gear was fitted. Most probably from plans dated around the 50's or 60's.

You say nothing of the type of engine you want to build, whether an easy, get you into the right frame of mind one or something that is a bit more difficult and can be put to good use afterwards.



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