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PS Enterprise- question for australian members

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They are very strict on who is allowed on board the PS Enterprise, and I am not entirely sure why.. it is a pity though.
I wish it had stayed on the Murray, and joined the fleet of paddle steamers in Echuca or anywhere else.

Here she is in July, last month. Hope it saved you a trip!!
Mind you it was bitterly cold when i was there

It's really sad to see such a great little boat, which has been so beautifully restored, defiled by all that mesh caging around the superstructure & the out of place railings.  It's difficult to make out her lines & the simplicity of design which make her so lovely.

I heard a couple of years back that she had been offered to the Port of Echuca by the National Museum for the cost of transporting her to the river.  I'm not sure how acurate this is.  Maybe Michael is aware of it?

Hi PD's - is this really the Enterprise (on Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra) :?: - I don't recognize the skyline

The mooring looks specifically made for the vessel...just steam into the cushioned fender posts & the land walkway gate lines up with the vessels hand chain entry walkway etc

The hand rails appear to be the maritime version seen in shopping centres - all stainless steel tube & wire with turn buckles & tensioners.... great for little children to get snagged on :shock: - but still better than the 1/2 galvanized water pipe versions

Hey Mac, don't know anything about the offer to the port, If i did I would've gone up in the ute n trailer and brought her back!!!
Her engines are in need of work, apparently when her boiler was replaced they didn't re-line the engine and crankshaft, let alone she only cruises on 50psi, it would be very depressing to see her moving!
Canberra's city centre is more to the right of the photo's, was a very cold cloudy day.


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