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hi, finally moved in from the old Yahoo Group


Forrest Scott Wood:

Forrest Scott Wood outside Kansas City, Missouri here; finally went and moved in here from the old Yahoo Group .

Have a couple of ideas bouncing around -

1. Scratchbuild a radio control model to play with in the apartment pool.
Not real detailed, but more to test the functionality of things.
Something patterned on some of the smaller sterwheelers of the Pacific Northwest from the book "Blow for the Landing".

2. Was looking at a mousetrap powered car at the store where I work - hmm - a mousetrap powered sternwheel pool toy?
I like that idea!
Good place to start, eh?

3. Model a sidewheel ferry; have a book, Warships of the Civil War Navies, with one whose lines I like.

4. I like trains, an On30 car ferry?
Would be 1/48, or 1/4in=1ft, scale model with narrow-gauge trains.


I just had to make a mousetrap car for school and though of making a mousetrap seternwheeler!

Eddy Matthews:
Nice to have you with us Forrest. I have to admit that some of the American train ferries appeal to me as well, so I'd certainly be interested in seeing one of those built.


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