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hi, my name is clark fitzpatrick, i live n dunoon, on the clyde. have always been interested in clyde steamers. i have built some 1:96 scale static paddlers; caledonia 1934, waverley 1947, and marmion 1906 in a very basic form!  i have an 1:48 hull for ps albion, that shall turn into ps glen rosa, hopefully!  my 1st radio control effort.  also i fancy making a model of marchioness of lorne 1891, but i doubt plans exist!  the site looks great, sure i will learn lots!

Hi Clark,

Welcome to the list.  I don't know if it helps or not but a plan of the Marchioness can be purchased at under paddle steamers.
We would all love to see some photos of your boats.



--- Quote from: "lner" ---...I don't know if it helps or not but a plan of the Marchioness can be purchased at under paddle steamers...
--- End quote ---

I've seen that, it's the one that looks a little like caledonia/jupiter but slightly smaller (1930s)

Anyhow, welcome and I'm sure we would all like to see your models  :D

By the way, if you go to  click on 'modelshop' in the left side menu, then 'plans' in the resulting pop-up window, then 'paddlesteamers' you get the same list of plans but with pictures of the finished ship/boat..

Walter Snowdon:
Hi, I also am a Clyde steamer fan,with a canny selection of plans. You mention you have a hull for PS ALBION. Is it fibreglass and if so, is it commercialy available, I havnt seen it advertised anywhere ! More info please! I am a member of the Scottish branch of the Paddle steamer Preservation Society and there are a number oof members who also build model paddlers. As Mick said, lets have som pics of your paddlers Oh, and welcome to the best modeling site on the net!. Being a Clydesider you might be able to help in my quest for some early 50s paddler plans published by a firm in Glasgow called SCOMOD. They produced several paddler kits and plans which were fairly short lived. Have you heard of them?. Cheers, Walter.
PS to all, I am back at sea for a couple of weeks,this time working as a Volunteer on the BALMORAL, so I will be missing after this message!.

Hi PD's - there is no hurry here Walter & you can answer "in a couple of weeks", I think we all envy you being able to disappear for that long on a paddler & even as a volunteer what a great way to enjoy the days & in the evenings do you part take in a cleansing :beer or two to wash down the smoke & grime? - what a life!!!!!!!! - Derek


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